Tango Marathon vom 02. bis 04.11.2018

Unsere DJs

DJane Sabine verhindert

DJane Sabine Huber

Since my first visit to a Festivalito, listening to the music of the great DJs, I was enchanted by it and caught fire … so I found myself on a way and I got more and more interested and involved with traditional tango music and DJing. Most of all, I really love playing music of the Golden Era. As a DJ, I try to perform the magic of getting everybody to feel really at ease and enjoy themselves on the dancefloor.

DJ Andreas Giersdorfer für Sabine

DJ Andreas Giersdorfer

As a DJ I want to enchant the dancers, so that the entire dance floor and the music move as one. My favorite music is from the golden era, no surprise here. It's the one that makes me want to dance most strongly. I especialy like tangos that have a strong melodical quality. I want the necessary rhythm and compas to be accompanied by captivating melodies.

Andreas' Musik ist am 02.11.2018 abends im Hinterhaus zu hören und zu tanzen.

DJ Siva Krishnamoorthy aus den Niederlanden

DJ Siva Krishnamoorthy

was captivated by tango music from the time when my first tango teacher shared a few songs with me. It was somehow very familiar even-though I grew up on very different music culture. From then on I started collecting tangos and a few years later the urge to share led me to start DJing in milongas. Since then I have had the privilege to play for dancers in many milongas, marathons and festivals. As an avid tango marathoner myself, I have understood the various dynamic needed at different times and places and I try to make sure everyone is enjoying their dance when I am given the responsibility.

Sivas Musik ist am 02.11.2018 nachmittags im „El Corazón“ zu hören und zu tanzen.

DJ Jacky Jolivet, Strasbourg

DJ Jacky Jolivet

As a tango dancer I appreciate the traditional tango and particularly the period of the golden age. As a DJ I want to create a warmhearted and friendly atmosphere with a music based on energy and musicality. The intention is to promote the walk in the round, enjoy a social tango.

Jackys Musik ist am 03.11. nachmittags im „El Corazón“ zu hören und zu tanzen.

DJ Carlos Goiach, Oldenburg

DJ Carlos Goiach

Seit 1999 lege ich Tango Clásico Argentino sowohl international (Moskau, St. Petersburg, Kiew, Lettland, Spanien, etc.) als auch im deutschsprachigen Raum bei Events wie Milongas, Encuentros, Festivals und Marathons auf. Ich betrachte meine Arbeit jedes Mal eine neue Herausforderung, die schönsten und besten Lieder aus der goldenen Tangoepoche in Buenos Aires herauszusuchen und zu einem unendlich freudigen Abenteuer der Tangomusik zu kombinieren. Durch meine langjährige und intensive Auseinandersetzung mit der Tangomusik und ihrer Geschichte besitze ich ein umfangreiches Musikarchiv, so dass ich auch Seminare für interessierte DJs und Tänzer anbieten kann. >> Video

Carlos' Musik ist am 03.11. abends und am 04.11.2018 nachmittags im „El Corazón“ zu hören und zu tanzen.